The Mindscapes Program


The Taj Mahal, one of the highlights of
Mughal architecture,  was built in the 17th century in Agra, India.

The establishment of the Mindscapes Program at the University of Haifa in early 2011 marks a transition in the perception of undergraduate studies. The program's underlying philosophy reaches back to the European universities of the Renaissance. It rests upon the conviction that a university graduate should not merely be trained in a particular discipline but should also have broad intellectual horizons. Thus, Mindscapes explicitly aims to expand one's horizons, to stimulate an interest and passion in culture and learning and to help the student become a more open-minded and educated person

The University of Haifa is one of the first Israeli institutions of higher education to adopt the vision of broader undergraduate studies incorporating panoramic and eye-opening courses on extracurricular topics. Mindscapes program design comprises some 150courses taught mostly in Hebrew, but also in Arabic and in English. This website introduces the program as a whole and also provides information about the various courses and lecturers involved in the program.